Frequently Asked Questions


Who owns Westview Meadows?
Westview Meadows is owned/operated under O.M. Fisher Home, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, governed by a local board of directors. O.M. Fisher Home, Inc was established in 1941 and owns/operates The Gary Home for the Aged as well.

How many people live at Westview Meadows?
We have 52 apartments. 36 Independent Living and 16 Residential Care apartments and on average have approximately 55+ residents.

Is there an age requirement at Westview Meadows?
Westview Meadows welcomes individuals and couples age 62 and older.

Is there a waiting list to come to Westview Meadows?
Westview Meadows currently has vacancies. There is Priority List program if you want to be be considered for a particular style of apartment or if you want to plan several years in advance for your future.

May I bring my own furniture?
Yes, your apartment is yours to furnish and decorate as you wish.

Is there additional storage available?
Yes, each Independent Living comes with a 4′ x 4′ x 8′ storage unit.

May I have guests for meals and overnight visits?
Your guests are always welcome at Westview Meadows. If you are having friends or family join you for a meal, please let our dining room staff know 24 hours in advance.

Is transportation available?
Transportation operates Monday through Friday from 9am – 3pm. Transportation for more personal use, such as doctor’s appointments, banking, hair appointments, etc, advance scheduling is necessary.

May I bring my pet?
Cats and small, well-behaved  dogs are welcome to be part of the Westview Meadows community, as long as residents are appropriately able to care for them. Please ask for a copy of our pet policy for full details.

How much is a carport?
We have 18 carports and they are $50 per month.

What if my health changes?
We understand that health changes are part of aging. Knowing that you would like to remain at Westview Meadows, we have two separate levels of care. We will help you transition to the most appropriate level of care at Westview Meadows. Should we not be able to meet your needs, we have worked with other high quality health care providers in the area and will help you coordinate those services.

Does the monthly fee increase yearly and if so is it announced ahead of time?
On average we increase the monthly fee between 2-3% a year. We give residents a 60 day notice about this price increase.

Is cable TV available?
 Yes, Infinity “Basic” cable package is included in your monthly fee. If you want additional packages you contact the cable company.

Is there WiFi available in the building?
Yes, there is free public WiFi in the entire building for residents and family to use.