Life at Westview

Stroll the gardens at Westview Meadows and savor the spectacular views of Camel’s Hump and neighboring peaks. Go biking, hiking or cross-country skiing along the valley paths. Grab a group of friends and play a game of bocce on our outdoor court.

Indoor pursuits are just as appealing, thanks to Westview Meadows’ congenial atmosphere. In addition to catching up with friends over dinner, you’ll find there is always a bridge partner nearby, someone ready to accept your challenge to a game of Scrabble, or someone to play a game of bocce. Individuals with similar interests in music, reading or current events naturally gravitate to each other, forming groups to share their thoughts on a regular basis.

You’ll no doubt want to get involved with local organizations, too. In addition to volunteering at hospitals, schools and other worthy institutions, you can train to be a tour guide in Vermont’s landmark gold-domed State House.

My Dad really enjoys his time there, he enjoys the fitness class and the staff is really friendly. ~ E.M.